Some of the Popular Chicken Dishes

Some of the Popular Chicken Dishes

Some of the Popular Chicken Dishes

Chicken is a versatile meat that is used in a huge number of cuisines around the world. Most of the non-vegetarian people love chicken and prefer it in their normal menu, party, and occasions. A large number of chicken recipes are there and it is not possible to conclude them in one context. However, some of the popular chicken recipes are described below:

Pepper Chicken: Pepper Chicken is just a perfect combination of winter days and it is very easy to prepare as well. You don’t need to grind any masala for this recipe and by following some simple steps; you can prepare this mouth-watering dish.

If you like to prepare it as a spicy recipe, then you can add a little bit more chilli powder to it. This famous chicken recipe is diverse from other chicken curry preparations. The main hero of this preparation is coarse and freshly ground pepper that generates a type of mild heat to this recipe. Garam masala and red chilli powder are also used but in small quantity. You can serve this delicious chicken recipe as a starter or it can be accompanied by rice, chapathi or naan.

Butter Chicken: Non-vegetarians are rarely failed to taste this superbly awesome and all-time preferred dish. This brilliant recipe is such a superb invention and being a heartthrob dish, it enhances the enjoyment of every party and occasion. Tomato Puree, Masalas, and Cream are three main ingredients of Butter Chicken. You can learn Butter Chicken by following some easy steps.

Chicken Rezala: Chicken Rezala is a traditional dish of East India that is heavily cooked in some famous occasions. This recipe consists of the chicken chunks along with a white creamy yogurt. It makes a nice combination of rice or most of the Indian bread. You can serve it with roomali roti and enjoy its comforting and satisfying taste.

Chicken Do Pyaaza: It is another gem from the world of chicken recipes. It utilizes a double quantity of onions, as compared to a usual curry and for that reason; the name is Chicken Do Pyaaza. Freshly prepared garam masala, kasoori methi, ginger-garlic, and cream with a number of spices are some of the major ingredients of this recipe. Onion gives a mild sweetness to this recipe that is balanced with a number of spices.

Andhra Chicken Curry: Andhra cuisine is very popular because of its spicy and hot recipes and chicken curry is one of them. Andhra chicken curry is a mouth-watering, tempting, and scrumptious recipe. Poppy seeds and coconut are two main ingredients that have made this heart-warming dish a distinct one. Andhra masala chicken curry can be paired with normal rice or pulao rice.

The list is continued and is continuously updating with the latest invention of chicken recipes. You can easily prepare these tasty chicken dishes and give your family a big surprise. If you want to make pepper chicken or other chicken dishes, then you need to follow their recipes from the popular food and recipe websites.



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